Roomba i7 Not Emptying Bin? Fixed Now

i7 dust bin not emptying
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Many customers who purchased an  Roomba i7 vacuum cleaner was having problems with the bin not emptying. We can him to get his Roomba up and running. We found out what was going wrong, and fixed it. 

The iRobot Roomba i7 Vacuum Cleaner has a 7-layer filter that is designed to clean deep into carpets, rugs, and upholstery. It also has a powerful motor that works to move the dirt through the filter, making it easy for the  Roomba i7 Vacuum Cleaner to pick up even the smallest dirt particles.

When the  Roomba i7 does not empty the trash bin, this can cause a lot of problems. This issue is especially noticeable if you have pets in the house. This article will show you how to fix this problem.

 What can be the reason that Roomba i7 not emptying the bin?

If your  Roomba i7 bin is never emptied, then it is possible that it is a problem with the vacuum. Here are some tips and troubleshooting steps for cleaning your iRobot robot vacuum cleaner’s bin.

Problems in Roomba’s Clean Base

1. Use the “clean” option in your Roomba vacuum cleaner

2. Put a towel under the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner, put a bowl there and start vacuuming.

3. When you have finished cleaning, go to the floor and turn on your flashlight (red light). The red light is also called the red spectrum.

4. You can continue using your vacuum as usual until your Roomba i7 stops working.

5. After 2 hours the Roomba i7 will be working again.

Cleaning the Clog

Before you begin, make sure that you have the necessary tools. Here are the tools you’ll need.

  • A screwdriver for removing the screws.

The first step is to remove the power cord from i7 and place it on a flat surface, and then slide the three screws out. Then, remove the plastic piece or hair or any other dirt’s from the i7 and clean it in. Reinstall the plastic piece and screw it down to your Roomba i7.

Red  Light Flashing Empty Bin

  • Press the home button and hold it down for a few seconds to open the bin. To see your saved searches, click Empty Bin.
  • Irobot’s Roomba 800 series can be set to indicate that there are items in the bin when there isn’t, and when there’s no bin left, it may start a “panic” that you need to fix.
  • To stop it, turn off the “battery power.
  • Take a little wipe down with the cloth here and then  set the sensors up
  • Test  out and set the sensors up if this thing picks up.
  • We don’t have any pins left over from previous clean-ups so there is no need to replace them.
  • Check that the sensor is working, and then we can close this lid for now.

Empty Bin Button not Working

. You can fix this easily by going into settings and resetting your Roomba i7 vacuum.

3. The button on the empty bin doesn’t work when you push it. But it does work when you pull the bin out and then push it back in.

4. You can use the reset method above to fix this, or you can go to settings -> device -> reset Roomba.

5. That will reset your Roomba i7 to factory defaults. You’ll have to re-link the Roomba to your account.


Not emptying is a common problem with the new Roomba i7 models. The problem is caused by a faulty sensor on the front of the robot arm. Your problem may also be caused by a low suction setting. Hope we could help you to fix the problem.

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